Disney Extravaganza and Sadness

Fall 2013 Disney College Program updates.
Thinking it would be the most amazing experience I would have ever endeavor, I was beyond excited. It was everything I dreamed of…for the first couple of weeks.
You get a job, you get a place to live, your get to meet people from all around the world, and this is all incredibly amazing. Your luck is where you get your job, and I am in the Emporium on Main Street in Magic Kingdom… Which the cast members call, Tragic Kingdom. Tragic is right. The hours are gastly. Some days I don’t even get back home till 5 in the morning. Yes… I said 5 in the morning.
My fellow cast members and my management are amazing though. They are the only reasons I have stayed this long. I work with some pretty amazing people that help me get through each night in Magic Kingdom.
I recently watched the holiday episodes on my current TV show and it has made me so sad I will be away from family during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Knowing the unrealistic expectations I have for holidays, I just want a fuzzy, heart-warming, happy Christmas. I even miss the cold weather and warm, cozy sweaters… And I hate the cold! I want a fuzzy blanket wrapped around me, cuddling a cute boy (who will honestly be my cat, can’t kid myself), watching Christmas movies with a bright fire and a warm mug of tea in my hand. I can see it now. With the dim lights of the fire and the slight shine of the Christmas tree lights on the walls. The warm and sweet smell of sugar cookies and peppermint filling the room. That’s what I want. Not a night of stocking Disney merchandise till 5am and then going home to an empty apartment room in the 70 degree heat. Strange that I have to go through this experience to find out it is not what I really wanted after all.


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