Lipstick Fever

Let’s just take a little time to appreciate a small accessory that makes a big impact.
Lip stick.
Picking out the right lipstick can be tough. You have to chose one that accents your features, coordinates with your outfit, and works with your skin tone. But the beauty is, we have endless options of colors!
Audrey Hepburn even said she never left the house without applying lipstick. We must make her proud.


You can go natural with a blended beige or nude


Or a natural pink.


Or a fun pink!


You could be daring with a bold dark red or purple.


Or you could be different with a bright shade of purple to make a statement!


And one of the best lip statements of all, the color we all love to rock, Red. All shades of red, from deep to bright, nothing says sexy better than red.


And that’s why we love lipstick so much! Because it makes us feel sexy. It draws the attention to our lips. We love how we feel when we rock a bold color. I can say I always feel confident when I have lipstick on.
“You’re never completely naked when you’re wearing red lipstick.” -Coco Chanel



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