What’s Stopping You?


I must start off bluntly. The world we live in is enormous, and the fact is, there is not enough time in our lives to see and do everything the world has to offer. But what is stopping you from trying?
I am a woman with extravagant dreams and ideas of my future. I dream of a beautiful apartment with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Paris skyline. I dream of sight seeing the fountains and buildings of Rome. I dream of working in Fashion Marketing, Public Relations, Wholesale, Celebrity Relations, and Designing for top companies from Valentio and Dolce and Gabana to Versace and Chanel. I dream of volunteer trips to South Africa to care for orphaned elephants. I dream of love. I dream of falling in love with all of my dreams as they become a reality.
But what’s stopping me?
Is it lack of skill? Is it lack of experience? Is it lack of passion? Is it lack of financial stability? Or maybe what’s stopping me is the possibility of failure. Maybe I am too afraid of failure to try an achieve these dreams; too afraid of turning these dreams into goals.
Maybe what’s stopping me is thinking I will never be as good as the people I look up to. I compare too much of myself to the Blake Lively’s of the world.
You know what? It is not the lack of skill, or experience, or passion, because none of those are true. I believe in my skills and I have an enormous heart full of passion for every single one of the goals I mentioned, and more. There will always be more. There will always be more I want to do and more I want to see. Every day I discover something new. New places, people, and food. Oh, the food!
I will makes these dreams a reality. I will work hard, I will gain experience, and I will accomplish the impossible.
What’s stopping me?
….nothing now.


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